Ladders vs. Scissor Lifts: Safety

Ladders vs. Scissor Lifts: Safety

There’s a number of reasons why scissor lift rental in Brooklyn are safer than ladders, the first being physical exertion. Repeatedly climbing a ladder day in and day out while carrying tools and materials for the job at hand is exhausting. How long before a hand misses its grip? A foot to miss a rung? The chances are all too high. The Gs1930 is a lot like the push-around scissor lift since it reduces user fatigue by eliminating repetitive climbing up and down ladder rungs. Workers can elevate larger and heavier materials, and the tools to transform them, with this mobile elevating work platform. Unlike ladders, the work platform offers a built-in tilt sensor to alert operators of potentially dangerous situations. Auto-locking front casters prevent unwanted wheel and caster rotation, while a robust scissor stack and oversized pins reduce scissor sway, providing greater operator confidence in all elevated positions. Additionally, the scissor lift provides more platform workspace for tools and materials compared to ladders and reduce the chance of accidently knocking something off the work platform. After all, safety matters whether you’re working at height or on the ground.

Ladders vs. Scissor Lifts: Productivity

There’s no way around it. Ladders are a hassle to set up. Contractors can quickly push around and relocate the scissor lift without disassembling, then reassembling scaffolding or cage podium ladders. This ladder alternative even offers maintenance-free AGM batteries and an integrated hydraulic system, so the lift spend less time being repaired and more time being utilized. The push-around scissor lift platform is also outfitted for maximum worker productivity with an easy access parts tray and tool shelf.

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